Friday, October 1, 2010

Lan Leah Visit

They both spent the night at my apartment and it was AWESOME! I must visit them soon... We spent some time at walmart and baskin robbins. Yay!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall 2010 Classes

Visual Arts: Dr. Love. That's right folks, my professor's name is Dr. Love. Nice guy. Class got boring after a while.

War History: Nice enough teacher. wonderful subject. lots of time devoted to studying the notes.

Ethics: Ms. Ritterskamp

French I: Dr. Vance is actually from France. She loves me as a student and I love her as a teacher. Class is a breeze.

Finally! In my entire college career I have finally reached a semester of straight A's!!!

Nurse Aide Class

So I started my nurse aide I classes September 13 (Monday). The class in monday through thursday(6:00pm-10:30pm) and saturday clinicals(8am-4:30pm). So far the class is okay. But it was $500 + $50 in white scrubs, white shoes, and white underwear(to not show through my white scrub bottoms). Yikes. Plus $101 at the end of the class for the nurse aide state exam to get on the registry. There are 13 girls besides me and its crazy how few of them are going to eventually become nurses...I just never even considered that people would become a nurse aide as their full time job. Power to them, but that's just not for me. Anyway, one would think with all of the white that we would be doing clinicals at a hospital in an OR setting or something, but alas we are at an assisted living home. However, I silently cheer girls that prefer the living home to the hospital, because, let's face it, less job competition for me. Also, I think it's really admirable that some of them are willing to do what I'm not (at least in the sense of permanently).
Anyway, we just finished week 3 with two weeks to go and I'm so excited to have a job. And of course an excuse to buy scrubs.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Florida/ Kennedy Space Center/ Disney World

So, I spent around a week with my boyfriend in Florida. But not just anywhere in Florida, DISNEY WORLD!!! Can I just say I'm getting married there? Okay, thank you. I digress.

It is basically the most awesome theme park to go to if you're a fan of Disney movies. I mean, clearly there's no competition, but it just let's you be a kid again: you get to meet Disney characters, ride some fun rides, view Disney shows, see really cool architecture to replicate Disney pubs and castles, and end it all with a wonderful parade and fireworks display. I may or may not be salivating. It's just...Wonderful.
*I will add more when I get the copies of Disney pics that Nick's mom took.

Technically, Nick and I took an 8 hour car ride to Nick's Grandfather's house first. It was the most stereotypical old person home in florida Ever. It had antiques, was in a neighborhood community of old people, had a golf course, the neighborhood was full of all one story was Stepford for Grandparents. IT WAS AWESOME. Granted, my antique of choice is not clocks, but it was such a quaint little place. Also, I saw a lizard and a turtle. And Nick's Grampa was very accomodating and very pleasant. I only hope I will be invited back next summer.

After we visited with Nick's Grampa, we went to Kennedy Space Center. It was very interesting with the amount of shuttle pictures and information...but it was Very Hot. Sweltering Sahara Hot. I bout keeled over. So, for Disney I knew that I was going to have to pour water all over myself to be comfortable...which explains my horrible photos when I get them.

After we spent a day at Kennedy Space Center, but before the day at Disney, Nick's family and I went to a beach. It was a very nice beach...maybe Clearwater?? We spent about four hours there and Nick and I spent almost the whole time in the ocean. Anyone who knows me knows how much of a feat that is...but Nick is helping me et used to the ocean.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shout-Out to my Homies

Leaving Raleigh has made me realize that I made very few (lasting) college friends while attending NCSU. (stephanie briggs, tony dawson, nick palmer) This kind of saddens me, but at the same time I also rarely have time for a lot of friends that I know would be closer to me if I had time to keep in touch with everyone (Caitlin Harrell, Leah Weatherman, Shawn Pollard, Shelly Dobosy, among many many others). I think about you all more often than you realize.

So, this blog entry is a shout-out to those who have wavered but never strayed from my life. I love you all!

*Disclaimer: when the author uses the word 'love', she means in strictly a platonic sense and does not wish to imply that she would have your babies.*

Ashley Gore
Hope Weiser
Leigh Ann (Lan/lay aNn) Thompson
Joey Peller
Cameron Lambe
Sarah Hinson

and definitely others I have forgotten that I will be cursing at myself later for having forgotten them...


To those of you reading my blog on the occasion, I should let you know it does NOT update in order. I have blog entries that I saved but haven't gotten around to finishing, so when they are finished they are posted in the month that I originally started them in. So, if you see the month of April increasing in blogs, but not the month of July, now you know why.

Ode to Crappy Apartment I Will Soon Be Leaving

I loveth you.
I hateth you.
For where would I be without your
Roomy one bedroom,
and your broken sink faucet that dost glisten so?
Your wonderful refrigerator,
and your paper thin walls.

But, Hark!
There goeth the last
earwig I will ever run from.
Let us hope that your
loudly ghetto neighbors do not follow
Fear not! I will be waiting with
the clorox wipes and ear plugs.

Alas, I shall miss you my first
apartment. I have the fondest memories
of wearing coats in you during the wintertimes
whilst taking cold showers to cool off in yon summer
days. I will miss thee.

For, you were my first,
Made fun of, but never Forgotten.

CamLambe's Cartilage

**Warning, this is not a word-for-word reenactment**

Cameron: "Will you go with me to get my cartilage pierced?"

Sarah: Me, being out of touch with what the young-uns are up to nowadays, replies "Huh?" I jest, she's three months younger than me. But seriously, I had no idea WHICH cartilage she was talking about...

Cameron: "The top part of my ear."

Me: "Oh okay, yeah, sure."

Cameron: "Okay, but you'll have to hold my hand when it hurts."

Me: "Fine, but you realize this will make it even harder to convince Joey/some other guys we know that we aren't a lesbian couple."

So...this is probably a little bit of my fault and a little bit of hers, but every time me and Cameron hang out around others, we tend to fake a lesbian relationship. Don't ask me why. This is probably very offensive to all of my gay and bi friends, so I apologize in advance. However, let me clarify, we do NOT make out or anything, although many boys at Cameron's party try to convince us to anyway. We basically just put our arms around each other or something if we sit beside each other. Usually, no harm, no foul. Unfortunately, lately it has been hard to convince guys other than Adam(Cameron's man-candy) that we don't actually have feelings for each other. I'm sure the guys are only half-kidding with us about the whole relationship thing, but now the cam-relationship-thingy feels awkward when mentioned. So, I don't know where Cameron stands, but I've been attempting to back off from our relationship to calm down some of the hype. I, personally, never thought it would get to this. It feels like Cameron and I are celebrities hiding our love from the paparazzi, or something, which is just bizarre.


Nick and I are moving. Tuesday(7/13/2010), to be exact. It is chaotic here. I would not be surprised if Britney and Kevin and all of MTV showed up to make a television sequel in our living room. I mean, I'm probably hyperbolizing(which is, evidently, not a word). Whenever I have told people that I'm moving, or Nick and I are moving, they Always respond the same way. Allow me to demonstrate:

Me: We're/I/mydog is/are moving.
Other person willing to listen to me: Oh no! I HATE moving!!

To which I privately respond, what? excuse me, but what? How can you hate moving? They are YOUR things that you're moving, right? So you have no one to blame but yourself...

I can sometimes be utterly and unabashedly wrong. When I envision moving, I think about how I can go through and organize and de-clutter my things. I, unlike many people, enjoy organizing and de-cluttering. So, I just don't really understand people that hate that. However, actual moving is Nothing, I emphasize Nothing, like organizing your closet or desk or whatever.

Okay, well at first moving is enjoyable for me because I take my time and de-clutter something the size of my closet. But, not at all surprisingly, somehow it is two days before we have to move and I literally run around cramming s**t into whatever boxes I find. The apartment looks like I have backtracked with progress. How is that possible? I've spent three days of my life piling crap together! Luckily, Nick consistently reassures me with how much stuff we've gotten done. But...I'm not quite ready to believe him just yet. Maybe Tuesday I will.


Is an adorable kitten that Ashley got. She's a calico/tortoiseshell mix thing. She's adorable. (Pic to be added eventually)

Contact Issues

So, since October 19th, 2009, I have been unable to wear contacts for some weird and unknown reason.

Allow me to expand on "unable." If I wear contacts, the following symptoms turn up: red eyes that burn/stab, migraines, and extreme light sensitivity. Even if I take out the contacts, these symptoms still take about two days to go away(except the migraines, luckily, things calm down after about 30 minutes of not wearing contacts). Also, depending on the contact brand, the symptoms show up after I put in the contacts after different times. I have been to the VW eye doctors four times. Each time they equip me with a different sample contact brand. Each time, it doesn't work. Each time they have no idea why I suddenly cannot wear contacts. Each time I focus to keep myself from exclaiming: "Didn''t you effing go to med school?! Why aren't you giving me any tests?! Why do you just keep handing me new contacts!?" And, my personal favorite, "Why do you keep asking me what I want to do!? How should I know? I'm not the doctor!!"

I have been through four different contact brands, as well as two different contact solutions. I have tried steroid eye drops (let us take a moment to laugh at the mental image that conjures up), moisturizing eyes drops, get-the-red-out eye drops, and no eye drops.

Now the doctors are recommending expensive laser eye surgery if I don't want to wear glasses. Excuse me, but isn't it a bad idea to do l-a-s-e-r surgery on eyes that randomly inflame themselves when contacts touch them? But, what do I know, I didn't go to med school.

Breakfast of Champions

Well, it took forever to motivate myself, but I finally finished a book during the summer. One that I have been meaning to read ever since a favorite teacher of mine in the 9th grade gave me a copy: Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. (forgive my spelling).

I love this book for many reasons. Although, that's not to say that the book didn't have some slow parts. However, I trudged through it, and am very glad that I read it.

Some favorite points:
~When the main character is asked if he is serious or joking when speaking to the public, the character replies with a half-serious, half-joking answer.
~The drawings: inane and horrible, but add to the story anyway
~The short stories that the main character writes reflect a lot of interesting opinions, that we'll never know if Kurt Vonnegut was truly serious about, or if he was simply exaggerating society for fun.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ashley's visit

Ashley visited me for a weekend while Nick went to his parents' place. She made delicious oreo pistachio pudding pie and homemade chicken nuggets. SOOOOO GOOOD!!!!

Summer School 2010

I took anatomy and physiology I (lecture and lab) at Meredith first summer session and then I took General Chemistry II at Meredith College. I got an A in all 3 and I loved the small classes and REALLY excellent teachers. Makes me wish I was rich. However, Meredith has a devoted religious aspect that I do not think I could keep up with so maybe its for the best I don't go there. Although I miss it dearly!

Alas, Nursing School

I suppose it is just not in the cards for me to go to UNCC nursing school. I applied twice and got denied twice. Oh well, their loss. And I will not give up on being a nurse one day, I just have to be patient. :/

Just Because

I have a really great boyfriend. Or he has really great parents. I choose to believe the former. Nick recently had a birthday June 3rd and so his parents sent him cards and, surprisingly for both of us, money. Nick's parents instructed him to take me out to eat to a nice place for his birthday. However, we had already eaten at ihop so I was going to let him keep the money because it evened out with what he bought in alcohol. However, the other night I was really stressed out over school and Nick asked me out to dinner. My choice. For those of you who don't already know, I'm in love with the fairly newly discovered restaurant called Firebirds. I fell in love with it when Nick and I ate their for our first "real" dinner date.

Firebirds is special to me for two reasons that tend to make other people cringe: buffalo meatloaf and lobster queso. They're both amazing. Like my boyfriend :)

Monday, April 12, 2010


Nick and I have been experimenting with making different items all year. (See previous posts). More recently, we have been attempting to learn how to make regular foods so we can have more options at the apartment that aren't too difficult to make. I looooove pancakes from ihop. But my wallet doesn't.

So....plan B.

Operation bisquik pancake mix.

Before now, I had never made pancakes and neither had Nick. More importantly, I usually hate homemade pancakes. Give me an eggo waffle any day. Anyway, Nick and I embarked on our journey of making pancakes and it was highly successful. Perhaps too successful...we had pancakes for the following two days. Also, Nick's pancakes were much prettier than mine :/

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I knew it would eventually happen, but it is always upsetting when you burn good food. However, lately I have been in an exceptionally terrible food-making funk.
I recently burned/undercooked/somehow-got-the-ingredients-wrong-to-make-the-food-barely-shoneys*-worthy/combination of all three:

1) a rainbow cake
2) banana bread, twice
3) eggs
4) pasta roni parmesian noodles
5) hamburger helper

So...for now I'm taking a baking hiatus. Hello, fastfood.

*shoneys is a horrible restaurant that is a cross between an applebees(also gross) and a golden corral(amazing)

UNC-Charlotte/Nursing Update

This is a short story.
I got into UNC-Charlotte, but not the nursing program. I did not get into the nursing program because UNC-Charlotte will not accept NC State's Anatomy and Physiology I lab and lecture. Therefore, I am retaking it at Meredith College for the first summer session.

Somethin's A-Bakin'

There has been a hiatus in terms of fancy baking mainly due to time restrictions thanks to school work. Now Nick and I will soon tackle baking a turkey complete with stuffing. Giblets for all.

Our next dessert project is currently pending...

Funny story, we couldn't find a store that sold raw turkeys when it isn't Thanksgiving. So we settled for a ham. Fully cooked. We basically heated it up in the oven. Oh well, the enthusiasm for cooking was there!

Jurassic Park

Oh, Nostalgia, I love thee. Saw it at Campus Cinema for free with Nick. This movie is so much better and yet so much cheesier than I remember. Also, I loved that the audience of NC Staters would talk along to the movie with words like "Oh Shit" and "Look Out" and whistle during Jeff Goldbloom's practically shirtless scene. Also, Samuel L. Jackson is in the movie! (with his required curseword, of course). So Good. Cept I could do for the rest of my life without seeing him shirtless again.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Carrot Cake

I wanted homemade carrot cake. I've never made carrot cake. I looked for a recipe online. I found a simple recipe.

Carrot cake craving + easy recipe + laziness/stingyness = HORRIBLE carrot cake. gross. no flavor. bleck.

Here's a picture that represents what it looked like:

It would have been cool except it was supposed to be cake.

I give up on cooking- I mean I did when I burned all of the other foods except I felt this cake deserved it's own page for awfulness. And I have sufficiently scared off my carrot cake cravings for a while...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Netflix Movies Rented

I was curious to see what movies Nick and I have seen since getting Netflix, so I thought I would record them and make note of any worth buying:

Deranged/Motel Hell
Burn After Reading
The Rescuers Down Under
Death At A Funeral
Top Gun
Land of the Lost
The Professional
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Four Rooms
The Little Mermaid
Star Wars 4, 5, 6
The Strangers
The Land Before Time
Taxi Driver
Matchstick Men


So far this year I have proudly baked/made the following with Nick's help:

1) Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
2) The BEST Chocolate Cake
3) Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Chicken
4) Red Velvet Cake with chocolate chips
5) Oreo Brownie
6) Funfetti Cake(box) with a homemade rainbow icing
7) Tilapia fish with a slight garlic-onion butter sauce

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

Nick and I realized that as a couple we are so laid back (maybe lazy would be a better term) that we do not really do anything as a couple but play video games, cards, or watch a movie. We spend plenty of time together, but it is usually less than enthralling. So, for Valentine's Day we decided to do something unconventional for each other. I had previously mentioned to Nick that the only time I had been ice skating was on my fourth grade birthday( I want to say turning 9). We searched out an ice skating place nearby and decided to go ice skating for Valentine's Day. It was surprisingly cheap!

We planned on skating from 1:00pm until 4:00pm, if I remember correctly. However, at around 2:30pm I fell forward without any warning and ended up using my knee to keep myself from face-planting onto the ice. Nick saw what was happening and tried to keep me from falling. Instead of even getting anywhere close to catching me, he lost his balance and fell on the ice as well. By that time, the place was becoming more and more crowded, with more experienced skaters zipping around everyone at top speeds. Inevitably, Nick and decided to take a break from skating and relax on the sidelines (my feet were also starting to get blisters from the rental skates). After a while Nick went back around a couple times and I continued to rest because my knee really started to bother me. We decided to call it quits and left around 3:30pm after I went around the rink a few more times.

The next day, Nick had a ridiculously gruesome looking bruise on his knee while I just had some swelling. I thought it was odd until I realized I had probably bruised the bone while Nick just had a skin bruise that ended up lasting about 10 days.

Rewind back to Valentine's Day, Nick and I decided to see the new Mel Gibson movie that day because:
A) it was opening weekend and we both miss Mel Gibson
B) we knew the theater would be virtually empty as every poor sap of a boyfriend was being dragged to the movie Valentine's Day (Nick is lucky he has such a cool girlfriend ;) )

So, we went to the movie at 7pm, and shared the theater with probably four other people. The Mel Gibson movie, Edge of Darkness, was actually much more enticing than expected.

All in all, a great Valentine's Day with Nick.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Death Metal Concert

Nick and I went to a Death Metal Concert on a friday night because Nick loves death metal and I thought this would be an interesting first-concert experience. There were three starter/lesser known bands playing ahead of the main band, Nile. (Nile is in the picture below, although when Nick and I saw them, the lead singer was bald.)

I post this picture because many people have an idea of what they think death metal is. The band must wear all black, be covered in tattoos, worship Satan, and have a bad attitude. Clearly, with Nile as an example, not ALL death metal bands meet their stereotype.

Additionally, everyone, including all of the band members and the audience, were some of the nicest, most courteous people I have ever met.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Next Year

Next school year will (hopefully) be a complete 180 from this school year. Currently, I go to NC State as a Human Biology Major and I live in a one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, Nick Palmer, one frog, and one lizard. However, my plans for next year are as follows(again, Hopefully):

1) Living in a two bedroom apartment in Charlotte, NC. The place I(we) have picked out is Amazing. It is $515 a month for the place, electricity, water, two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, cable, internet, and more. It's Perfect.
2) Living with one of my best friends from high school, Ashley, and my frog and lizard.
3) Attending Unc-Charlotte's two year Nursing Program.
4) Nick will hopefully be attending Northwestern University's Grad School for Philosophy in Chicago. We will be in the works of a two-year long distance relationship.

So, some changes will definitely be happening next year. I am both very nervous and excited. I just wanted to post this now so that I can look back on it a year from now in hopefully a completely new place in my life.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Put Some Bottoms On!

I have truly learned what it is to be fashionable. Evidently, being fashionable means sacrificing dignity, warmth, and all of the feminist rallies that are anti-sexual harassment. I have seen WAY too many girls lately throughout the Winter months wearing leggings and passing them off as pants. No. NO. Not the same thing. And sometimes, young ladies, you are too out of shape to be wearing just leggings. I do not want to see your ass cellulite. And sometimes, young ladies, you look too good in just leggings and you KNOW you look good and in shape...but then you complain about all the men casually staring at and bumping into your ass. I, personally, feel like my bottom half is in good enough shape to wear just leggings, but I enjoy bodily warmth (provided in the form of actual clothes) when there is snow on the ground. I will admit, however, that I do in fact wear leggings...except UNDER my jeans in winter.

This post is for girls/women that I have seen the past couple of weeks:

This new trend makes a girl not wearing leggings self-conscious because maybe their boyfriend is staring at the ass of a girl in leggings instead of her==> this leads to the fat-girls-wearing-leggings fiasco and also spreads this leggings trend. I keep calling it a fashion trend. But, in fact, it is a fashion disease. It is spreading, and is causing girls to go beyond their natural behavior of dressing warm during the winter.

So ladies, please stop this epidemic. It's making me cold looking at you. And sometimes nauseous.

Celebrity Doppleganger Week

Ah, trends. Especially facebook trends. There have been some great facebook trends: joining farmville, posting the color bra you're wearing, change your profile picture to a pokemon**, posting song lyrics, and asking people (in your status) to post a fond memory that they had with you. My favorite facebook trend, however, has got to be Celebrity Doppleganger Week. People for one week are supposed their "celebrity look a-like" for one week. This trend is my favorite for a few reasons:

1) The Anticipation: This trend caught on pretty quick and most people were anticipating who they could post that "looks like" them. Not to mention, people wanted to see if they could figure out who their friends looked like before said friends posted celebrity pictures. So they can then say, "I totally think you look more like THIS celebrity."

2) The Hopefuls: The people who posted pictures of celebrities that DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT look at all like them. What also came with this stage was the friends of people who posted a celebrity picture and their comments. They would say, "Oh you really do look like that celebrity!" OR "You look like that celebrity EXCEPT Prettier!" What I want to ask is: Seriously?? The most brownie points that comment will earn you are about two points. What's the point, really? Except to maybe make everyone laugh at your poor judgment.

3) The Modesty: I love the people who let up their pictures for more than a week (basically everyone). But I LOVE love the people who would come into the celebrity doppleganger week and try to excuse themselves for leaving their pictures up longer. For example, I saw many people say, "I'm sorry I'm still a Celebrity even though the week has probably past, but I just started." Yeah, sure you did. Everyone just wants to leave up their pictures so that they can see how many compliments they can squeeze out of their friends.

4) The Honests: Some people legit posted pictures of celebrities that looked fairly close to what they looked like. I commend everyone who did this.

This was my first choice as a celebrity doppleganger:

This was my second after several people said that I could NEVER look like Samuel L. Jackson: (and I legit chose her because I have been told by a few strangers that I look like her or Angelina Jolie- I would rather look like a different celebrity):

**I took this opportunity to post a picture of Ash Ketchum as my profile picture and went on everyone's page who was a pokemon and posted "CAUGHT YA BIOTCH!"

Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Snow/Sleet Day of Sophmore Year

January 29-30, 2010

Yay! Our apartment is crappy but snow always makes everything look so much brighter/newer/awesomer!!

In case you can't already tell, I love snow.

It was enough snow to make anything or have snowball fights, it was a light dusting. But, it was definitely pretty!

(PICs to be added later)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


One thing I don't think I have mentioned yet is that I do not get cable at my apartment. Which, back when I was in high school, wasn't really a problem. There didn't seem to be really any good new shows happening on television. I usually watched friends and sex and the city reruns. The only new show being american idol. However, now that I don't have cable, I seem to have discovered many more "new" shows. I have become absolutely addicted to way too many shows for my own good. Thank God for the internet and

The shows I have found noteworthy:
3)The Big Bang Theory
4)30 Rock
5) Desperate Housewives
6)Family Guy
7)The Office
8) South Park
9) Big Love

I have also started to watch Heroes and Lost on netflix.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Long, Snowdrop

It figures. Remember the darling two pet frogs I needed names for? Well, my brother and I were at target looking at a baby names book and we came across a great one and a cute one. Thorhilda and Snowdrop. I would like to point out that these names were in a Human baby names book. Anyway, so I named the bigger froggie Thorhilda and the little froggie Snowdrop. A few days later, guess who dies? Miss Snowdrop. She looked anorexic, so I'm assuming the cause of death was of Thorhilda being a fattie and a bully. I would write a eulogy but she was just a frog that I knew for only 6 month.

Anyway, RIP Snowdrop!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First (Two) Days of School

At NC State

Microbiology: C...very hard class but nice teacher. This was also at Peace College, which sucked to have to drive to

Nutrition: Easy, Dumb Teacher, Made an A

Anatomy: Easy, Awesome Teacher I still keep in touch with, B+

Chemistry: Nice teacher, hard to learn from unless you have lots of spare time to look over his 38497237839 notes, has a cane like Dr. House (sort of :/)made a D+, retook it at Meredith College over the summer and made an A

Developmental Psychology: Nice Guy, German accent. Hilarious. Made B
Anatomy Lab: A, didn't like the teacher but the class was basically like House so I ruled that class!
Chemistry Lab: made an A, loved my lab partner named Napoleon, took foreverrrr to get out of

Somethings Odd

Over the past year and a half (basically since I have been in college) I have noticed something strange about my body's health. It was brought to my attention by the amount of hair on my freshman dorm's floor, that I was losing hair in weird clumps. I would be struck with random days of being too fatigued to get out of bed or even sit up in bed, without any other flu symptoms. I needed to sleep 12 hours a night. I have never been one to show my emotions, but suddenly I would want to cry at least once a day, sometimes because of something as simple as a sad scene for a movie. Many times, this would result in my actual crying. I steadily gained 10-15 pounds each year while I was in high school. But, the last straw was the painful (BEWARE: TMI ahead!!!!!!) ...constipation. Finally, I made an appointment over christmas break to have my thyroid checked. And rechecked. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism both times. I have now started the easy and cheap medication (been on it for about 10 days) for replacement hormone. It says I won't notice any difference for 4-6 weeks, but already I feel slightly better. For one thing, I have still been feeling "emotional" but am able to hold back the tears at my discretion! I count this as a great triumph because I am not one to be considered an "emotional woman." Additionally, I have noticed that I have already lost two pounds in ten days of medication. The original me, here I come! Slowly, but surely.

Christmas Break

From December 17th until January 4th I went home to Winston-Salem for Christmas break. I finally got a much-needed break from school. Additionally, Santa was GOOD to me. I received a kindle, my long-awaited wii (with the games wii sports, wii play, wii mario kart, and super mario bros), a polaroid pogo, and super soft indoor slipper boots...and more. I spent many a day hanging around my house watching House season 5, Glee, cable, drawing, and playing video games. Over break was actually when I started watching seasons 1-3 of 30Rock on netflix....

But my favorite part of break was the enormous amount of snow!!
My brother, me, and, my mom had enough snow to build four snowmen(our family).

For new years, I spent the day with Nick and my family in Winston. A few days later, I went bowling with Nick, Joey, Leigh Ann, Shawn, Emily, and Joe- which was Awesome. I will also add that joey fell Sideways when trying to bowl...I keep wondering when he will only stick to Wii bowling.