Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Somethings Odd

Over the past year and a half (basically since I have been in college) I have noticed something strange about my body's health. It was brought to my attention by the amount of hair on my freshman dorm's floor, that I was losing hair in weird clumps. I would be struck with random days of being too fatigued to get out of bed or even sit up in bed, without any other flu symptoms. I needed to sleep 12 hours a night. I have never been one to show my emotions, but suddenly I would want to cry at least once a day, sometimes because of something as simple as a sad scene for a movie. Many times, this would result in my actual crying. I steadily gained 10-15 pounds each year while I was in high school. But, the last straw was the painful (BEWARE: TMI ahead!!!!!!) ...constipation. Finally, I made an appointment over christmas break to have my thyroid checked. And rechecked. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism both times. I have now started the easy and cheap medication (been on it for about 10 days) for replacement hormone. It says I won't notice any difference for 4-6 weeks, but already I feel slightly better. For one thing, I have still been feeling "emotional" but am able to hold back the tears at my discretion! I count this as a great triumph because I am not one to be considered an "emotional woman." Additionally, I have noticed that I have already lost two pounds in ten days of medication. The original me, here I come! Slowly, but surely.

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