Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shout-Out to my Homies

Leaving Raleigh has made me realize that I made very few (lasting) college friends while attending NCSU. (stephanie briggs, tony dawson, nick palmer) This kind of saddens me, but at the same time I also rarely have time for a lot of friends that I know would be closer to me if I had time to keep in touch with everyone (Caitlin Harrell, Leah Weatherman, Shawn Pollard, Shelly Dobosy, among many many others). I think about you all more often than you realize.

So, this blog entry is a shout-out to those who have wavered but never strayed from my life. I love you all!

*Disclaimer: when the author uses the word 'love', she means in strictly a platonic sense and does not wish to imply that she would have your babies.*

Ashley Gore
Hope Weiser
Leigh Ann (Lan/lay aNn) Thompson
Joey Peller
Cameron Lambe
Sarah Hinson

and definitely others I have forgotten that I will be cursing at myself later for having forgotten them...


To those of you reading my blog on the occasion, I should let you know it does NOT update in order. I have blog entries that I saved but haven't gotten around to finishing, so when they are finished they are posted in the month that I originally started them in. So, if you see the month of April increasing in blogs, but not the month of July, now you know why.

Ode to Crappy Apartment I Will Soon Be Leaving

I loveth you.
I hateth you.
For where would I be without your
Roomy one bedroom,
and your broken sink faucet that dost glisten so?
Your wonderful refrigerator,
and your paper thin walls.

But, Hark!
There goeth the last
earwig I will ever run from.
Let us hope that your
loudly ghetto neighbors do not follow
Fear not! I will be waiting with
the clorox wipes and ear plugs.

Alas, I shall miss you my first
apartment. I have the fondest memories
of wearing coats in you during the wintertimes
whilst taking cold showers to cool off in yon summer
days. I will miss thee.

For, you were my first,
Made fun of, but never Forgotten.

CamLambe's Cartilage

**Warning, this is not a word-for-word reenactment**

Cameron: "Will you go with me to get my cartilage pierced?"

Sarah: Me, being out of touch with what the young-uns are up to nowadays, replies "Huh?" I jest, she's three months younger than me. But seriously, I had no idea WHICH cartilage she was talking about...

Cameron: "The top part of my ear."

Me: "Oh okay, yeah, sure."

Cameron: "Okay, but you'll have to hold my hand when it hurts."

Me: "Fine, but you realize this will make it even harder to convince Joey/some other guys we know that we aren't a lesbian couple."

So...this is probably a little bit of my fault and a little bit of hers, but every time me and Cameron hang out around others, we tend to fake a lesbian relationship. Don't ask me why. This is probably very offensive to all of my gay and bi friends, so I apologize in advance. However, let me clarify, we do NOT make out or anything, although many boys at Cameron's party try to convince us to anyway. We basically just put our arms around each other or something if we sit beside each other. Usually, no harm, no foul. Unfortunately, lately it has been hard to convince guys other than Adam(Cameron's man-candy) that we don't actually have feelings for each other. I'm sure the guys are only half-kidding with us about the whole relationship thing, but now the cam-relationship-thingy feels awkward when mentioned. So, I don't know where Cameron stands, but I've been attempting to back off from our relationship to calm down some of the hype. I, personally, never thought it would get to this. It feels like Cameron and I are celebrities hiding our love from the paparazzi, or something, which is just bizarre.


Nick and I are moving. Tuesday(7/13/2010), to be exact. It is chaotic here. I would not be surprised if Britney and Kevin and all of MTV showed up to make a television sequel in our living room. I mean, I'm probably hyperbolizing(which is, evidently, not a word). Whenever I have told people that I'm moving, or Nick and I are moving, they Always respond the same way. Allow me to demonstrate:

Me: We're/I/mydog is/are moving.
Other person willing to listen to me: Oh no! I HATE moving!!

To which I privately respond, what? excuse me, but what? How can you hate moving? They are YOUR things that you're moving, right? So you have no one to blame but yourself...

I can sometimes be utterly and unabashedly wrong. When I envision moving, I think about how I can go through and organize and de-clutter my things. I, unlike many people, enjoy organizing and de-cluttering. So, I just don't really understand people that hate that. However, actual moving is Nothing, I emphasize Nothing, like organizing your closet or desk or whatever.

Okay, well at first moving is enjoyable for me because I take my time and de-clutter something the size of my closet. But, not at all surprisingly, somehow it is two days before we have to move and I literally run around cramming s**t into whatever boxes I find. The apartment looks like I have backtracked with progress. How is that possible? I've spent three days of my life piling crap together! Luckily, Nick consistently reassures me with how much stuff we've gotten done. But...I'm not quite ready to believe him just yet. Maybe Tuesday I will.


Is an adorable kitten that Ashley got. She's a calico/tortoiseshell mix thing. She's adorable. (Pic to be added eventually)

Contact Issues

So, since October 19th, 2009, I have been unable to wear contacts for some weird and unknown reason.

Allow me to expand on "unable." If I wear contacts, the following symptoms turn up: red eyes that burn/stab, migraines, and extreme light sensitivity. Even if I take out the contacts, these symptoms still take about two days to go away(except the migraines, luckily, things calm down after about 30 minutes of not wearing contacts). Also, depending on the contact brand, the symptoms show up after I put in the contacts after different times. I have been to the VW eye doctors four times. Each time they equip me with a different sample contact brand. Each time, it doesn't work. Each time they have no idea why I suddenly cannot wear contacts. Each time I focus to keep myself from exclaiming: "Didn''t you effing go to med school?! Why aren't you giving me any tests?! Why do you just keep handing me new contacts!?" And, my personal favorite, "Why do you keep asking me what I want to do!? How should I know? I'm not the doctor!!"

I have been through four different contact brands, as well as two different contact solutions. I have tried steroid eye drops (let us take a moment to laugh at the mental image that conjures up), moisturizing eyes drops, get-the-red-out eye drops, and no eye drops.

Now the doctors are recommending expensive laser eye surgery if I don't want to wear glasses. Excuse me, but isn't it a bad idea to do l-a-s-e-r surgery on eyes that randomly inflame themselves when contacts touch them? But, what do I know, I didn't go to med school.

Breakfast of Champions

Well, it took forever to motivate myself, but I finally finished a book during the summer. One that I have been meaning to read ever since a favorite teacher of mine in the 9th grade gave me a copy: Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. (forgive my spelling).

I love this book for many reasons. Although, that's not to say that the book didn't have some slow parts. However, I trudged through it, and am very glad that I read it.

Some favorite points:
~When the main character is asked if he is serious or joking when speaking to the public, the character replies with a half-serious, half-joking answer.
~The drawings: inane and horrible, but add to the story anyway
~The short stories that the main character writes reflect a lot of interesting opinions, that we'll never know if Kurt Vonnegut was truly serious about, or if he was simply exaggerating society for fun.