Monday, February 22, 2010

Netflix Movies Rented

I was curious to see what movies Nick and I have seen since getting Netflix, so I thought I would record them and make note of any worth buying:

Deranged/Motel Hell
Burn After Reading
The Rescuers Down Under
Death At A Funeral
Top Gun
Land of the Lost
The Professional
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Four Rooms
The Little Mermaid
Star Wars 4, 5, 6
The Strangers
The Land Before Time
Taxi Driver
Matchstick Men


So far this year I have proudly baked/made the following with Nick's help:

1) Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
2) The BEST Chocolate Cake
3) Garlic and Rosemary Roasted Chicken
4) Red Velvet Cake with chocolate chips
5) Oreo Brownie
6) Funfetti Cake(box) with a homemade rainbow icing
7) Tilapia fish with a slight garlic-onion butter sauce

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

Nick and I realized that as a couple we are so laid back (maybe lazy would be a better term) that we do not really do anything as a couple but play video games, cards, or watch a movie. We spend plenty of time together, but it is usually less than enthralling. So, for Valentine's Day we decided to do something unconventional for each other. I had previously mentioned to Nick that the only time I had been ice skating was on my fourth grade birthday( I want to say turning 9). We searched out an ice skating place nearby and decided to go ice skating for Valentine's Day. It was surprisingly cheap!

We planned on skating from 1:00pm until 4:00pm, if I remember correctly. However, at around 2:30pm I fell forward without any warning and ended up using my knee to keep myself from face-planting onto the ice. Nick saw what was happening and tried to keep me from falling. Instead of even getting anywhere close to catching me, he lost his balance and fell on the ice as well. By that time, the place was becoming more and more crowded, with more experienced skaters zipping around everyone at top speeds. Inevitably, Nick and decided to take a break from skating and relax on the sidelines (my feet were also starting to get blisters from the rental skates). After a while Nick went back around a couple times and I continued to rest because my knee really started to bother me. We decided to call it quits and left around 3:30pm after I went around the rink a few more times.

The next day, Nick had a ridiculously gruesome looking bruise on his knee while I just had some swelling. I thought it was odd until I realized I had probably bruised the bone while Nick just had a skin bruise that ended up lasting about 10 days.

Rewind back to Valentine's Day, Nick and I decided to see the new Mel Gibson movie that day because:
A) it was opening weekend and we both miss Mel Gibson
B) we knew the theater would be virtually empty as every poor sap of a boyfriend was being dragged to the movie Valentine's Day (Nick is lucky he has such a cool girlfriend ;) )

So, we went to the movie at 7pm, and shared the theater with probably four other people. The Mel Gibson movie, Edge of Darkness, was actually much more enticing than expected.

All in all, a great Valentine's Day with Nick.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Death Metal Concert

Nick and I went to a Death Metal Concert on a friday night because Nick loves death metal and I thought this would be an interesting first-concert experience. There were three starter/lesser known bands playing ahead of the main band, Nile. (Nile is in the picture below, although when Nick and I saw them, the lead singer was bald.)

I post this picture because many people have an idea of what they think death metal is. The band must wear all black, be covered in tattoos, worship Satan, and have a bad attitude. Clearly, with Nile as an example, not ALL death metal bands meet their stereotype.

Additionally, everyone, including all of the band members and the audience, were some of the nicest, most courteous people I have ever met.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Next Year

Next school year will (hopefully) be a complete 180 from this school year. Currently, I go to NC State as a Human Biology Major and I live in a one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, Nick Palmer, one frog, and one lizard. However, my plans for next year are as follows(again, Hopefully):

1) Living in a two bedroom apartment in Charlotte, NC. The place I(we) have picked out is Amazing. It is $515 a month for the place, electricity, water, two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, cable, internet, and more. It's Perfect.
2) Living with one of my best friends from high school, Ashley, and my frog and lizard.
3) Attending Unc-Charlotte's two year Nursing Program.
4) Nick will hopefully be attending Northwestern University's Grad School for Philosophy in Chicago. We will be in the works of a two-year long distance relationship.

So, some changes will definitely be happening next year. I am both very nervous and excited. I just wanted to post this now so that I can look back on it a year from now in hopefully a completely new place in my life.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Put Some Bottoms On!

I have truly learned what it is to be fashionable. Evidently, being fashionable means sacrificing dignity, warmth, and all of the feminist rallies that are anti-sexual harassment. I have seen WAY too many girls lately throughout the Winter months wearing leggings and passing them off as pants. No. NO. Not the same thing. And sometimes, young ladies, you are too out of shape to be wearing just leggings. I do not want to see your ass cellulite. And sometimes, young ladies, you look too good in just leggings and you KNOW you look good and in shape...but then you complain about all the men casually staring at and bumping into your ass. I, personally, feel like my bottom half is in good enough shape to wear just leggings, but I enjoy bodily warmth (provided in the form of actual clothes) when there is snow on the ground. I will admit, however, that I do in fact wear leggings...except UNDER my jeans in winter.

This post is for girls/women that I have seen the past couple of weeks:

This new trend makes a girl not wearing leggings self-conscious because maybe their boyfriend is staring at the ass of a girl in leggings instead of her==> this leads to the fat-girls-wearing-leggings fiasco and also spreads this leggings trend. I keep calling it a fashion trend. But, in fact, it is a fashion disease. It is spreading, and is causing girls to go beyond their natural behavior of dressing warm during the winter.

So ladies, please stop this epidemic. It's making me cold looking at you. And sometimes nauseous.

Celebrity Doppleganger Week

Ah, trends. Especially facebook trends. There have been some great facebook trends: joining farmville, posting the color bra you're wearing, change your profile picture to a pokemon**, posting song lyrics, and asking people (in your status) to post a fond memory that they had with you. My favorite facebook trend, however, has got to be Celebrity Doppleganger Week. People for one week are supposed their "celebrity look a-like" for one week. This trend is my favorite for a few reasons:

1) The Anticipation: This trend caught on pretty quick and most people were anticipating who they could post that "looks like" them. Not to mention, people wanted to see if they could figure out who their friends looked like before said friends posted celebrity pictures. So they can then say, "I totally think you look more like THIS celebrity."

2) The Hopefuls: The people who posted pictures of celebrities that DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT look at all like them. What also came with this stage was the friends of people who posted a celebrity picture and their comments. They would say, "Oh you really do look like that celebrity!" OR "You look like that celebrity EXCEPT Prettier!" What I want to ask is: Seriously?? The most brownie points that comment will earn you are about two points. What's the point, really? Except to maybe make everyone laugh at your poor judgment.

3) The Modesty: I love the people who let up their pictures for more than a week (basically everyone). But I LOVE love the people who would come into the celebrity doppleganger week and try to excuse themselves for leaving their pictures up longer. For example, I saw many people say, "I'm sorry I'm still a Celebrity even though the week has probably past, but I just started." Yeah, sure you did. Everyone just wants to leave up their pictures so that they can see how many compliments they can squeeze out of their friends.

4) The Honests: Some people legit posted pictures of celebrities that looked fairly close to what they looked like. I commend everyone who did this.

This was my first choice as a celebrity doppleganger:

This was my second after several people said that I could NEVER look like Samuel L. Jackson: (and I legit chose her because I have been told by a few strangers that I look like her or Angelina Jolie- I would rather look like a different celebrity):

**I took this opportunity to post a picture of Ash Ketchum as my profile picture and went on everyone's page who was a pokemon and posted "CAUGHT YA BIOTCH!"