Monday, February 1, 2010

Celebrity Doppleganger Week

Ah, trends. Especially facebook trends. There have been some great facebook trends: joining farmville, posting the color bra you're wearing, change your profile picture to a pokemon**, posting song lyrics, and asking people (in your status) to post a fond memory that they had with you. My favorite facebook trend, however, has got to be Celebrity Doppleganger Week. People for one week are supposed their "celebrity look a-like" for one week. This trend is my favorite for a few reasons:

1) The Anticipation: This trend caught on pretty quick and most people were anticipating who they could post that "looks like" them. Not to mention, people wanted to see if they could figure out who their friends looked like before said friends posted celebrity pictures. So they can then say, "I totally think you look more like THIS celebrity."

2) The Hopefuls: The people who posted pictures of celebrities that DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT look at all like them. What also came with this stage was the friends of people who posted a celebrity picture and their comments. They would say, "Oh you really do look like that celebrity!" OR "You look like that celebrity EXCEPT Prettier!" What I want to ask is: Seriously?? The most brownie points that comment will earn you are about two points. What's the point, really? Except to maybe make everyone laugh at your poor judgment.

3) The Modesty: I love the people who let up their pictures for more than a week (basically everyone). But I LOVE love the people who would come into the celebrity doppleganger week and try to excuse themselves for leaving their pictures up longer. For example, I saw many people say, "I'm sorry I'm still a Celebrity even though the week has probably past, but I just started." Yeah, sure you did. Everyone just wants to leave up their pictures so that they can see how many compliments they can squeeze out of their friends.

4) The Honests: Some people legit posted pictures of celebrities that looked fairly close to what they looked like. I commend everyone who did this.

This was my first choice as a celebrity doppleganger:

This was my second after several people said that I could NEVER look like Samuel L. Jackson: (and I legit chose her because I have been told by a few strangers that I look like her or Angelina Jolie- I would rather look like a different celebrity):

**I took this opportunity to post a picture of Ash Ketchum as my profile picture and went on everyone's page who was a pokemon and posted "CAUGHT YA BIOTCH!"

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