Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Birthday

For those of you reading, you probably already know I turned 20 on December 6, 2009. Well, around that time I have been so busy with studying for exams that I have not had time to record what went down when I went from being a teenager to a young adult. Unfortunately, because of my need to study extensively for my microbiology final exam(a whopping 60% of my ENTIRE grade), not much really went down. So, because I don't have much to record- just assume that the lack of exciting events that day were put on hold for studying and/or sleeping due to my cold.

Friday, December 4: I insisted on making my own cake. Not that I don't have faith in Nick to bake a simple box cake, but because I found an awesome-looking cake recipe that I wanted to try. (And just so you know, it WAS AWESOME)

Saturday, December 5th: This day really felt more like my birthday than Sunday because I had "more" planned for the day. At around 10pm at night my friend's (and clearly Nick's too) Tony and Stephanie came by, ate cake, and took me and Nick to a bowling alley in Cary, NC that has midnight bowling from 11pm-1am. I thought that this way I would have to force myself to be awake to witness my cell phone striking midnight. I got the first strike of the game(we ended up playing 3 games total), but let me emphasize that, by no means, is prrof that I'm a good bowler. I got way more gutter balls and never won a game- but I really love bowling. I only got one more strike that night (in our last game). In the last game, Nick and I tied for second place. Tony kind of kicked a$$ all three games.

Sunday, December 6th: So, clearly still at the bowling alley, Stephanie and Nick decided that someone working at the bowling alley should be told it is my birthday. I agreed, because maybe they would give us a free game. Stephanie wrote my name down and the announcer guy for the bowling alley said "Happy Birthday to Susan Groneck." Yep, that sums up my birthday. While I had loads of fun bowling, I never really felt like it was my birthday. I did not see my family, I forgot to get candles for my birthday cake when I bought the ingredients, I studied the majority of the time, and the present Nick got me (a ring) was being resized. Although, I do want to emphasize that I had fun...I am jsut ready for this school semester to be over with. I am ready for christmas break.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Casting Day

Today was the day when the casting list for Into the Woods was posted online. I did not get in- which I am upset by, but I kind of knew it deep down that I wouldn't what with so many other girls there...But then I really started to think about my audition again, and I got really, I mean, REALLY upset. In my audition, I flubbed the first half of the song but I managed to pull through for the second half and did really well when the pianist asked me to sing as high as I could. And then everyone had to sort of wait for their turn to read as a part. Now that I look back on it, I barely got to read and with the one part that actually had a lot to read- the director cut me off saying he'd "heard enough." Well, clearly he didn't cast me. This got me thinking that he was impossibly rude to me. Yeah, I may have flubbed my song, but there are a few parts in the play that don't have lines and that don't sing. The actors literally stand there for one scene. By the end of my audition song, the director had already decided I wasn't good enough to even stand on stage. He didn't let me read anything, and I was the only person that was cut off while reading a scene. He didn't even give me a chance to redeem myself with acting when I had flubbed up the song. He decided right away at the audition that I wasn't good enough, before my audition was even over- which is what upset me the most. He handled my audition completely unprofessionally and he wasted my time. I had to wait and wait for my turn to read one or two sentences. Which got me thinking, I don't really want to do a play with this director anyway. I've worked in community theatre the majority of my life and at least all the directors have given me a fair chance to prove myself. Rest assured, I will never be auditioning for a play again at NC State. However, I do also want to say congratulations(!) to all those who did get cast, because you all were very nice to me after I got upset over flubbing my song. It really says something when the people I am supposed to be competiting against for a part are nicer and more polite to me than the director.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I auditioned Tuesday night out of my extreme love for the musical Into the Woods. I would not really post about this, because of my experience, but many people offered their love and support. So, this is my post recognizing and thanking all of you wonderful people wishing me luck on my audition. However, I do not think I did well, as the director did not have me read for hardly anything...and I mean I only read one or two lines for cinderella, the baker's wife, and red riding hood. The only part I got to read for extensively was the Grandmother...and people laughed but then I didn't realize it was my turn again to read a line and so the director cut me off. He did not cut Anyone else off for any of the it either means he knew right away I am Granny or that he knew right away he did not want to cast me. And, I will not go into detail because this was not a moment I want to remember, let me explain that the Granny is a non-vocal part. I pretty much flubbed the singing except for when the painist had me sing "Nah" as high as I could. I did well with the "Nahs" because my audition was over and I got my voice back- but if I had been the director I would not cast myself based off of my audition. While it came across that I could sing, it also came across that I could not sing in front of him and the audience(which happened to be my competition- EVERYONE else had already auditioned and got to hear me wrestle with my nerves). Ah, my nerves. I swear I don't even feel butterflies but then I try to sing and I am breathy and pitchy during auditions. Anyway, the cast list will be posted on friday. I guess I will update everyone then. However, as much as most of you who commented on my facebook about mean well and am aware of my abilities(however mediocre or awesome they may be), PLEASE stop asking me how the audition went. It only depresses me even more.

Additionally, to make things more awesome, Nick tried to cheer me up with a game of cards- but he won- and I also started feeling the onset of a cold. So, today I am sick and decided to update my blog while laying down.

Thanksgiving Weekend

It started out a nightmare and ended as a nightmare...but the in-the-middle was great.

Wednesday before thanksgiving: I had a makeup exam scheduled for 4pm. It turns out, however, that my microbiology teacher had actually changed the time to 3pm and the testing place. I did not get this email that he insisted he sent to everyone. Neither did this other girl. Ironically, we were both in our usual exam room at 3pm studying from 3-4pm. Needless to say, we were late. He was angry. BUT, after severe chewing-out, he let us take the exam in our upset and confused conditions. After the exam I was so upset that I wanted to go Home (in Winston). Nick was not at our apartment in Raleigh (he left on Wednesday morning at 6:15am) and I thought I could handle spending one night alone. After the hell that was my teacher (British people are quite scary when they're angry) I knew immediately that no matter how late I was going to get home, I needed to be there. So I went home.

Thursday(Turkey Day)/Friday/Saturday: I spent the time with my family and had fun playing on my dad's Wii, watching Might Morphin Power Rangers the movie, watching Invader Zim, playing upwards, studying, and hanging out with my family...Except when my family's home printer froze yet again when I needed stuff printed out Friday night for my exam(Monday, the day after thanksgiving break- I would like to take this time for congratulating NC State on the most horrible exam scheduling EVER). So that very night I went out and bought a new printer for my family. I had planned on buying a certain one for on sale as $99, but ended up buying the on-sale one for $129. I absolutely love the new printer, and I hope my family does too. It especially important that my dad likes it for its faxing capabilities, of which my dad relies on for work.

Sunday- I woke up panicking that my exam was the next day and left in a rush back to Raleigh early in the morning so that I could have some quiet, uninterrupted studying time. So that is what I did Sunday and Monday- Study and take an exam = HELL...why did my instructors do this to me? When exactly was the "break" part of Thanksgiving break?

Anyway, that's an abbreviated version of my Thanksgiving.
Also, I apologize for misspellings/errors/etc. because I have a cold right now and am on lots of mucinex.