Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Snow/Sleet Day of Sophmore Year

January 29-30, 2010

Yay! Our apartment is crappy but snow always makes everything look so much brighter/newer/awesomer!!

In case you can't already tell, I love snow.

It was enough snow to make anything or have snowball fights, it was a light dusting. But, it was definitely pretty!

(PICs to be added later)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


One thing I don't think I have mentioned yet is that I do not get cable at my apartment. Which, back when I was in high school, wasn't really a problem. There didn't seem to be really any good new shows happening on television. I usually watched friends and sex and the city reruns. The only new show being american idol. However, now that I don't have cable, I seem to have discovered many more "new" shows. I have become absolutely addicted to way too many shows for my own good. Thank God for the internet and

The shows I have found noteworthy:
3)The Big Bang Theory
4)30 Rock
5) Desperate Housewives
6)Family Guy
7)The Office
8) South Park
9) Big Love

I have also started to watch Heroes and Lost on netflix.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Long, Snowdrop

It figures. Remember the darling two pet frogs I needed names for? Well, my brother and I were at target looking at a baby names book and we came across a great one and a cute one. Thorhilda and Snowdrop. I would like to point out that these names were in a Human baby names book. Anyway, so I named the bigger froggie Thorhilda and the little froggie Snowdrop. A few days later, guess who dies? Miss Snowdrop. She looked anorexic, so I'm assuming the cause of death was of Thorhilda being a fattie and a bully. I would write a eulogy but she was just a frog that I knew for only 6 month.

Anyway, RIP Snowdrop!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First (Two) Days of School

At NC State

Microbiology: C...very hard class but nice teacher. This was also at Peace College, which sucked to have to drive to

Nutrition: Easy, Dumb Teacher, Made an A

Anatomy: Easy, Awesome Teacher I still keep in touch with, B+

Chemistry: Nice teacher, hard to learn from unless you have lots of spare time to look over his 38497237839 notes, has a cane like Dr. House (sort of :/)made a D+, retook it at Meredith College over the summer and made an A

Developmental Psychology: Nice Guy, German accent. Hilarious. Made B
Anatomy Lab: A, didn't like the teacher but the class was basically like House so I ruled that class!
Chemistry Lab: made an A, loved my lab partner named Napoleon, took foreverrrr to get out of

Somethings Odd

Over the past year and a half (basically since I have been in college) I have noticed something strange about my body's health. It was brought to my attention by the amount of hair on my freshman dorm's floor, that I was losing hair in weird clumps. I would be struck with random days of being too fatigued to get out of bed or even sit up in bed, without any other flu symptoms. I needed to sleep 12 hours a night. I have never been one to show my emotions, but suddenly I would want to cry at least once a day, sometimes because of something as simple as a sad scene for a movie. Many times, this would result in my actual crying. I steadily gained 10-15 pounds each year while I was in high school. But, the last straw was the painful (BEWARE: TMI ahead!!!!!!) ...constipation. Finally, I made an appointment over christmas break to have my thyroid checked. And rechecked. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism both times. I have now started the easy and cheap medication (been on it for about 10 days) for replacement hormone. It says I won't notice any difference for 4-6 weeks, but already I feel slightly better. For one thing, I have still been feeling "emotional" but am able to hold back the tears at my discretion! I count this as a great triumph because I am not one to be considered an "emotional woman." Additionally, I have noticed that I have already lost two pounds in ten days of medication. The original me, here I come! Slowly, but surely.

Christmas Break

From December 17th until January 4th I went home to Winston-Salem for Christmas break. I finally got a much-needed break from school. Additionally, Santa was GOOD to me. I received a kindle, my long-awaited wii (with the games wii sports, wii play, wii mario kart, and super mario bros), a polaroid pogo, and super soft indoor slipper boots...and more. I spent many a day hanging around my house watching House season 5, Glee, cable, drawing, and playing video games. Over break was actually when I started watching seasons 1-3 of 30Rock on netflix....

But my favorite part of break was the enormous amount of snow!!
My brother, me, and, my mom had enough snow to build four snowmen(our family).

For new years, I spent the day with Nick and my family in Winston. A few days later, I went bowling with Nick, Joey, Leigh Ann, Shawn, Emily, and Joe- which was Awesome. I will also add that joey fell Sideways when trying to bowl...I keep wondering when he will only stick to Wii bowling.