Saturday, January 8, 2011

True Grit, HP7, Black Swan

True Grit- an amazing remake. saw the midnight premiere with joey and his roommate Taylor.

HP7- saw it with alex stanley and leigh ann. best one so far.

Black swan- really weird. saw with joey and cameron. was not expecting a thriller, although natalie portman won a golden globe for her main role.

Dear Friend, I miss you

You know who you are. I miss being friends. I can't wait until we can be friends again. I'll be waiting.

Mexican Food

Ate at Fiesta Maya with Becky Her. Great Mexican place in Charlotte! Had it for my 21st birthday. So this is the second time I have eaten there, and it is by far the best mexican food I've had in years. Fantastic.

Surgeries 7....and 8?

I am having a 7th surgery. However, it was an optional surgery. I could have had the procedure under just some pain med assortment, but my doctor was worried I would metabolize the meds too fast and be uncomfortable during the procedure. I agree. So it is technically an official surgery.

My 8th possible surgery is exploratory to find the source of some pain I've been having. For the meantime, it will be postponed probably at least a year unless my pain is unmanageable. Hopefully the 7th surgery may explain some of the pain.

Spring 2011 Classes

Physics: interesting enough class but I'm so ready to be done with school by the time it rolls around

Physics Lab: every other week I don't have to physically go to class. it's awesome because it's at 8am

Organic Chemistry: hard class, nice professor. I HATEEEEE chemistry. hope I pass.

LBST Good and Evil: so much work for a general education course. I will get an A though.

French II: 8am, so tired, can barely answer questions in class. it sucks though because I'm actually amazing at this subject but my teacher doesn't know it. yet.

21st Birthday

Nick attempted to surprise me with my friends showing up to the party but unfortunately none of them could make it. He bought me footie pajamas that are pink with little dog faces on my feet. He also made me a strawberry cake with chocolate chips and fudge icing :) He spoils me. Oh, and he showed up with mikes hard cranberry lemonade...It is my 21st birthday, after all. We also went bowling again.

My parents showed up with an oreo ice cream cake and the Just Dance wii game. We had fun playing against each other (me, mom, brother, and Nick) while my dad filmed it.

AND they brought Jasper to visit me! Although he was a bit depressed/confused as to why he got in a car and didn't end up in the mountains.

AND we went to a mexican restaurant where I got the speedy gonzala and a mango margarita (which I couldn't finish because it was ridiculously strong)!! I really liked the mexican restaurant and I have been craving good mexican for a while. Nick and I, therefore, decided to go there again together.

New Years/ Cold from Hell

I don't remember what happened! Grrrr, I hate forgetting. Maybe I spent new years at my house and Nick was there... Except that I had a terrible cold that last two-thirds of a month. Literally. Worst cold/flu/sinus/bronchitis of my life!