Saturday, January 8, 2011

21st Birthday

Nick attempted to surprise me with my friends showing up to the party but unfortunately none of them could make it. He bought me footie pajamas that are pink with little dog faces on my feet. He also made me a strawberry cake with chocolate chips and fudge icing :) He spoils me. Oh, and he showed up with mikes hard cranberry lemonade...It is my 21st birthday, after all. We also went bowling again.

My parents showed up with an oreo ice cream cake and the Just Dance wii game. We had fun playing against each other (me, mom, brother, and Nick) while my dad filmed it.

AND they brought Jasper to visit me! Although he was a bit depressed/confused as to why he got in a car and didn't end up in the mountains.

AND we went to a mexican restaurant where I got the speedy gonzala and a mango margarita (which I couldn't finish because it was ridiculously strong)!! I really liked the mexican restaurant and I have been craving good mexican for a while. Nick and I, therefore, decided to go there again together.

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