Monday, April 12, 2010


Nick and I have been experimenting with making different items all year. (See previous posts). More recently, we have been attempting to learn how to make regular foods so we can have more options at the apartment that aren't too difficult to make. I looooove pancakes from ihop. But my wallet doesn't.

So....plan B.

Operation bisquik pancake mix.

Before now, I had never made pancakes and neither had Nick. More importantly, I usually hate homemade pancakes. Give me an eggo waffle any day. Anyway, Nick and I embarked on our journey of making pancakes and it was highly successful. Perhaps too successful...we had pancakes for the following two days. Also, Nick's pancakes were much prettier than mine :/

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I knew it would eventually happen, but it is always upsetting when you burn good food. However, lately I have been in an exceptionally terrible food-making funk.
I recently burned/undercooked/somehow-got-the-ingredients-wrong-to-make-the-food-barely-shoneys*-worthy/combination of all three:

1) a rainbow cake
2) banana bread, twice
3) eggs
4) pasta roni parmesian noodles
5) hamburger helper

So...for now I'm taking a baking hiatus. Hello, fastfood.

*shoneys is a horrible restaurant that is a cross between an applebees(also gross) and a golden corral(amazing)

UNC-Charlotte/Nursing Update

This is a short story.
I got into UNC-Charlotte, but not the nursing program. I did not get into the nursing program because UNC-Charlotte will not accept NC State's Anatomy and Physiology I lab and lecture. Therefore, I am retaking it at Meredith College for the first summer session.

Somethin's A-Bakin'

There has been a hiatus in terms of fancy baking mainly due to time restrictions thanks to school work. Now Nick and I will soon tackle baking a turkey complete with stuffing. Giblets for all.

Our next dessert project is currently pending...

Funny story, we couldn't find a store that sold raw turkeys when it isn't Thanksgiving. So we settled for a ham. Fully cooked. We basically heated it up in the oven. Oh well, the enthusiasm for cooking was there!

Jurassic Park

Oh, Nostalgia, I love thee. Saw it at Campus Cinema for free with Nick. This movie is so much better and yet so much cheesier than I remember. Also, I loved that the audience of NC Staters would talk along to the movie with words like "Oh Shit" and "Look Out" and whistle during Jeff Goldbloom's practically shirtless scene. Also, Samuel L. Jackson is in the movie! (with his required curseword, of course). So Good. Cept I could do for the rest of my life without seeing him shirtless again.