Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Break

From December 17th until January 4th I went home to Winston-Salem for Christmas break. I finally got a much-needed break from school. Additionally, Santa was GOOD to me. I received a kindle, my long-awaited wii (with the games wii sports, wii play, wii mario kart, and super mario bros), a polaroid pogo, and super soft indoor slipper boots...and more. I spent many a day hanging around my house watching House season 5, Glee, cable, drawing, and playing video games. Over break was actually when I started watching seasons 1-3 of 30Rock on netflix....

But my favorite part of break was the enormous amount of snow!!
My brother, me, and, my mom had enough snow to build four snowmen(our family).

For new years, I spent the day with Nick and my family in Winston. A few days later, I went bowling with Nick, Joey, Leigh Ann, Shawn, Emily, and Joe- which was Awesome. I will also add that joey fell Sideways when trying to bowl...I keep wondering when he will only stick to Wii bowling.

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