Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First (Two) Days of School

At NC State

Microbiology: C...very hard class but nice teacher. This was also at Peace College, which sucked to have to drive to

Nutrition: Easy, Dumb Teacher, Made an A

Anatomy: Easy, Awesome Teacher I still keep in touch with, B+

Chemistry: Nice teacher, hard to learn from unless you have lots of spare time to look over his 38497237839 notes, has a cane like Dr. House (sort of :/)made a D+, retook it at Meredith College over the summer and made an A

Developmental Psychology: Nice Guy, German accent. Hilarious. Made B
Anatomy Lab: A, didn't like the teacher but the class was basically like House so I ruled that class!
Chemistry Lab: made an A, loved my lab partner named Napoleon, took foreverrrr to get out of

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