Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Birthday

For those of you reading, you probably already know I turned 20 on December 6, 2009. Well, around that time I have been so busy with studying for exams that I have not had time to record what went down when I went from being a teenager to a young adult. Unfortunately, because of my need to study extensively for my microbiology final exam(a whopping 60% of my ENTIRE grade), not much really went down. So, because I don't have much to record- just assume that the lack of exciting events that day were put on hold for studying and/or sleeping due to my cold.

Friday, December 4: I insisted on making my own cake. Not that I don't have faith in Nick to bake a simple box cake, but because I found an awesome-looking cake recipe that I wanted to try. (And just so you know, it WAS AWESOME)

Saturday, December 5th: This day really felt more like my birthday than Sunday because I had "more" planned for the day. At around 10pm at night my friend's (and clearly Nick's too) Tony and Stephanie came by, ate cake, and took me and Nick to a bowling alley in Cary, NC that has midnight bowling from 11pm-1am. I thought that this way I would have to force myself to be awake to witness my cell phone striking midnight. I got the first strike of the game(we ended up playing 3 games total), but let me emphasize that, by no means, is prrof that I'm a good bowler. I got way more gutter balls and never won a game- but I really love bowling. I only got one more strike that night (in our last game). In the last game, Nick and I tied for second place. Tony kind of kicked a$$ all three games.

Sunday, December 6th: So, clearly still at the bowling alley, Stephanie and Nick decided that someone working at the bowling alley should be told it is my birthday. I agreed, because maybe they would give us a free game. Stephanie wrote my name down and the announcer guy for the bowling alley said "Happy Birthday to Susan Groneck." Yep, that sums up my birthday. While I had loads of fun bowling, I never really felt like it was my birthday. I did not see my family, I forgot to get candles for my birthday cake when I bought the ingredients, I studied the majority of the time, and the present Nick got me (a ring) was being resized. Although, I do want to emphasize that I had fun...I am jsut ready for this school semester to be over with. I am ready for christmas break.

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  1. i knew he'd gotten you a ring for your birthday! and we will totally go bowling. i can teach you some pointers from my bowling class if youd like.

    ps i want that cake recipe if it's epic.