Friday, December 4, 2009

Casting Day

Today was the day when the casting list for Into the Woods was posted online. I did not get in- which I am upset by, but I kind of knew it deep down that I wouldn't what with so many other girls there...But then I really started to think about my audition again, and I got really, I mean, REALLY upset. In my audition, I flubbed the first half of the song but I managed to pull through for the second half and did really well when the pianist asked me to sing as high as I could. And then everyone had to sort of wait for their turn to read as a part. Now that I look back on it, I barely got to read and with the one part that actually had a lot to read- the director cut me off saying he'd "heard enough." Well, clearly he didn't cast me. This got me thinking that he was impossibly rude to me. Yeah, I may have flubbed my song, but there are a few parts in the play that don't have lines and that don't sing. The actors literally stand there for one scene. By the end of my audition song, the director had already decided I wasn't good enough to even stand on stage. He didn't let me read anything, and I was the only person that was cut off while reading a scene. He didn't even give me a chance to redeem myself with acting when I had flubbed up the song. He decided right away at the audition that I wasn't good enough, before my audition was even over- which is what upset me the most. He handled my audition completely unprofessionally and he wasted my time. I had to wait and wait for my turn to read one or two sentences. Which got me thinking, I don't really want to do a play with this director anyway. I've worked in community theatre the majority of my life and at least all the directors have given me a fair chance to prove myself. Rest assured, I will never be auditioning for a play again at NC State. However, I do also want to say congratulations(!) to all those who did get cast, because you all were very nice to me after I got upset over flubbing my song. It really says something when the people I am supposed to be competiting against for a part are nicer and more polite to me than the director.

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