Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

It started out a nightmare and ended as a nightmare...but the in-the-middle was great.

Wednesday before thanksgiving: I had a makeup exam scheduled for 4pm. It turns out, however, that my microbiology teacher had actually changed the time to 3pm and the testing place. I did not get this email that he insisted he sent to everyone. Neither did this other girl. Ironically, we were both in our usual exam room at 3pm studying from 3-4pm. Needless to say, we were late. He was angry. BUT, after severe chewing-out, he let us take the exam in our upset and confused conditions. After the exam I was so upset that I wanted to go Home (in Winston). Nick was not at our apartment in Raleigh (he left on Wednesday morning at 6:15am) and I thought I could handle spending one night alone. After the hell that was my teacher (British people are quite scary when they're angry) I knew immediately that no matter how late I was going to get home, I needed to be there. So I went home.

Thursday(Turkey Day)/Friday/Saturday: I spent the time with my family and had fun playing on my dad's Wii, watching Might Morphin Power Rangers the movie, watching Invader Zim, playing upwards, studying, and hanging out with my family...Except when my family's home printer froze yet again when I needed stuff printed out Friday night for my exam(Monday, the day after thanksgiving break- I would like to take this time for congratulating NC State on the most horrible exam scheduling EVER). So that very night I went out and bought a new printer for my family. I had planned on buying a certain one for on sale as $99, but ended up buying the on-sale one for $129. I absolutely love the new printer, and I hope my family does too. It especially important that my dad likes it for its faxing capabilities, of which my dad relies on for work.

Sunday- I woke up panicking that my exam was the next day and left in a rush back to Raleigh early in the morning so that I could have some quiet, uninterrupted studying time. So that is what I did Sunday and Monday- Study and take an exam = HELL...why did my instructors do this to me? When exactly was the "break" part of Thanksgiving break?

Anyway, that's an abbreviated version of my Thanksgiving.
Also, I apologize for misspellings/errors/etc. because I have a cold right now and am on lots of mucinex.

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