Friday, November 27, 2009

This Past Weekend

Okay, so this blog is really late but that would be because I was studying like crazy for a Microbiology test. Anyway, Sunday I went down to Winston-Salem because on Monday I had my post-op appointment Really Early. Anyway, the doctor checked me out and said I am fine! More importantly, after over 4 weeks, I am allowed to lift things and exercise. I mean, everyone who reads this knows I avoid exercise like the plague, but not being able to do anything for over a month has made me really antsy. So, these next couple of blogs may be about my adventures with exercising.

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  1. YAY BELLA!!! I loves you (: I'm glad you're able to lift things. You should try spinning...maybe when we're roomies in CHARLOTTE we can do that!! (ps - i'm def going, like, I'm 90 percent sure....) Plus, I found a pet-friendly, pool-going, laundry-doing 2BR townhouse five to ten mins off UNCC campus that's 550 a month...SWEET! $275 is way cheap to pay rent each month...right?