Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello to Anyone who has decided to read my blog.

1) Let me first explain my blog's name. "Malapananka" is what my grandmother used to call me in Czech, meaning "my little doll." I never saw her often enough before she passed, and since then I have reall grown attached to the nickname. So, clearly there will not be inappropriate items on here.

2) The reason I am starting a blog: I have been reading my friends' blogs for months and have finally decided to start my own so they can be up to date with me as well. Because, well, we all go to different colleges and it is hard to keep in touch.

3) I am not 100% sure of all the different kinds of blogs that I will do. Some will be recipes, pictures, document my life, etc...while I am sure others will be entirely random.

Anyway, Thank you for reading and I hope we stay in touch.

Sarah Groneck

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