Friday, November 20, 2009

Fall 2009 Sophmore Year @ NC State

A list of a few things you may have missed out on this semester because I'm too lazy to let anyone know: (I will continue to add to this list as I remember things)

1) I had surgery October 20th. I'm fine now so it doesn't really matter the details, however, I felt it should be noted that I have now had 6 surgeries in my life- way more than necessary!
2) I live in an apartment in Raleigh this year with my boyfriend, Nick Palmer. We also had our one year anniversary August 23,2009.
3) I now have more than just the lizard, Godzilla Junior, as my pet. I also have two frogs, of which need NAMES!!! I'm open to suggestions!
4) A random boy on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh gave me a flower while I was on my way to getting a new ink cartridge. Easily made my day.
5) I got a Wii! I am very Excited. Consider all my hw never done again.
6) Not only did I have to replace my computer screen and harddrive last year, but this semester I had to replace my power cord = WORST COMPUTER EVER **stay tuned to see if my disk drive will need to be replaced, it's very iffy/wobbly right now.
7) 3 out of 4 of my classes were online. The only time I go to campus is for Statistics Class, Microbiology Lab, Anatomy Lab, and Pilates.
8) Pilates are Awesome. Rent a dvd, google online for Pilates- they are awesome. Speaking of which, I also have managed to increase my push-up rate of like 2 in a row to 15(which is a LOT for me).
9) I saw Inglorious Basterds in theatres. Awesome Movie. As are Land of the Lost and Stepbrothers.
10) My neighbors baked me and Nick cookies! So I had to bake them a cake as a thank-you (funfetti cake with rainbow icing)
11) I have been trying to expand my baking skills this year. So far I have made cakes with chocolate chips, rainbow frosting, dark chocolate chip banana bread, and garlic rosemary chicken. Look to future posts for recipes! Most of the recipes are given to me courtesy of Stumble on Mozilla Firefox. Stay tuned to see how my Best Chocolate Cake EVER turns out(courtesy of an online source).
12) I have netflix. $8.99/month is so cheap for renting movies! Especially since we get a new one every 2 days.

Again, more later! In the meantime, what has everyone been up to?

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