Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I auditioned Tuesday night out of my extreme love for the musical Into the Woods. I would not really post about this, because of my experience, but many people offered their love and support. So, this is my post recognizing and thanking all of you wonderful people wishing me luck on my audition. However, I do not think I did well, as the director did not have me read for hardly anything...and I mean I only read one or two lines for cinderella, the baker's wife, and red riding hood. The only part I got to read for extensively was the Grandmother...and people laughed but then I didn't realize it was my turn again to read a line and so the director cut me off. He did not cut Anyone else off for any of the it either means he knew right away I am Granny or that he knew right away he did not want to cast me. And, I will not go into detail because this was not a moment I want to remember, let me explain that the Granny is a non-vocal part. I pretty much flubbed the singing except for when the painist had me sing "Nah" as high as I could. I did well with the "Nahs" because my audition was over and I got my voice back- but if I had been the director I would not cast myself based off of my audition. While it came across that I could sing, it also came across that I could not sing in front of him and the audience(which happened to be my competition- EVERYONE else had already auditioned and got to hear me wrestle with my nerves). Ah, my nerves. I swear I don't even feel butterflies but then I try to sing and I am breathy and pitchy during auditions. Anyway, the cast list will be posted on friday. I guess I will update everyone then. However, as much as most of you who commented on my facebook about mean well and am aware of my abilities(however mediocre or awesome they may be), PLEASE stop asking me how the audition went. It only depresses me even more.

Additionally, to make things more awesome, Nick tried to cheer me up with a game of cards- but he won- and I also started feeling the onset of a cold. So, today I am sick and decided to update my blog while laying down.

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