Monday, February 1, 2010

Put Some Bottoms On!

I have truly learned what it is to be fashionable. Evidently, being fashionable means sacrificing dignity, warmth, and all of the feminist rallies that are anti-sexual harassment. I have seen WAY too many girls lately throughout the Winter months wearing leggings and passing them off as pants. No. NO. Not the same thing. And sometimes, young ladies, you are too out of shape to be wearing just leggings. I do not want to see your ass cellulite. And sometimes, young ladies, you look too good in just leggings and you KNOW you look good and in shape...but then you complain about all the men casually staring at and bumping into your ass. I, personally, feel like my bottom half is in good enough shape to wear just leggings, but I enjoy bodily warmth (provided in the form of actual clothes) when there is snow on the ground. I will admit, however, that I do in fact wear leggings...except UNDER my jeans in winter.

This post is for girls/women that I have seen the past couple of weeks:

This new trend makes a girl not wearing leggings self-conscious because maybe their boyfriend is staring at the ass of a girl in leggings instead of her==> this leads to the fat-girls-wearing-leggings fiasco and also spreads this leggings trend. I keep calling it a fashion trend. But, in fact, it is a fashion disease. It is spreading, and is causing girls to go beyond their natural behavior of dressing warm during the winter.

So ladies, please stop this epidemic. It's making me cold looking at you. And sometimes nauseous.

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