Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

Nick and I realized that as a couple we are so laid back (maybe lazy would be a better term) that we do not really do anything as a couple but play video games, cards, or watch a movie. We spend plenty of time together, but it is usually less than enthralling. So, for Valentine's Day we decided to do something unconventional for each other. I had previously mentioned to Nick that the only time I had been ice skating was on my fourth grade birthday( I want to say turning 9). We searched out an ice skating place nearby and decided to go ice skating for Valentine's Day. It was surprisingly cheap!

We planned on skating from 1:00pm until 4:00pm, if I remember correctly. However, at around 2:30pm I fell forward without any warning and ended up using my knee to keep myself from face-planting onto the ice. Nick saw what was happening and tried to keep me from falling. Instead of even getting anywhere close to catching me, he lost his balance and fell on the ice as well. By that time, the place was becoming more and more crowded, with more experienced skaters zipping around everyone at top speeds. Inevitably, Nick and decided to take a break from skating and relax on the sidelines (my feet were also starting to get blisters from the rental skates). After a while Nick went back around a couple times and I continued to rest because my knee really started to bother me. We decided to call it quits and left around 3:30pm after I went around the rink a few more times.

The next day, Nick had a ridiculously gruesome looking bruise on his knee while I just had some swelling. I thought it was odd until I realized I had probably bruised the bone while Nick just had a skin bruise that ended up lasting about 10 days.

Rewind back to Valentine's Day, Nick and I decided to see the new Mel Gibson movie that day because:
A) it was opening weekend and we both miss Mel Gibson
B) we knew the theater would be virtually empty as every poor sap of a boyfriend was being dragged to the movie Valentine's Day (Nick is lucky he has such a cool girlfriend ;) )

So, we went to the movie at 7pm, and shared the theater with probably four other people. The Mel Gibson movie, Edge of Darkness, was actually much more enticing than expected.

All in all, a great Valentine's Day with Nick.

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