Sunday, July 11, 2010


Nick and I are moving. Tuesday(7/13/2010), to be exact. It is chaotic here. I would not be surprised if Britney and Kevin and all of MTV showed up to make a television sequel in our living room. I mean, I'm probably hyperbolizing(which is, evidently, not a word). Whenever I have told people that I'm moving, or Nick and I are moving, they Always respond the same way. Allow me to demonstrate:

Me: We're/I/mydog is/are moving.
Other person willing to listen to me: Oh no! I HATE moving!!

To which I privately respond, what? excuse me, but what? How can you hate moving? They are YOUR things that you're moving, right? So you have no one to blame but yourself...

I can sometimes be utterly and unabashedly wrong. When I envision moving, I think about how I can go through and organize and de-clutter my things. I, unlike many people, enjoy organizing and de-cluttering. So, I just don't really understand people that hate that. However, actual moving is Nothing, I emphasize Nothing, like organizing your closet or desk or whatever.

Okay, well at first moving is enjoyable for me because I take my time and de-clutter something the size of my closet. But, not at all surprisingly, somehow it is two days before we have to move and I literally run around cramming s**t into whatever boxes I find. The apartment looks like I have backtracked with progress. How is that possible? I've spent three days of my life piling crap together! Luckily, Nick consistently reassures me with how much stuff we've gotten done. But...I'm not quite ready to believe him just yet. Maybe Tuesday I will.

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    Except unlike you, I tend to NOT get rid of things, I tend to BUY MORE SH*T. Like, one of my more random purchases, a fruit basket I was convinced we needed, to hold all of the fruit I don't eat, but will obviously begin eating once I have control of what I buy food-wise (which again, no control, as I will most likely eat my own socks as the cat is eating all of my moneys)