Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ode to Crappy Apartment I Will Soon Be Leaving

I loveth you.
I hateth you.
For where would I be without your
Roomy one bedroom,
and your broken sink faucet that dost glisten so?
Your wonderful refrigerator,
and your paper thin walls.

But, Hark!
There goeth the last
earwig I will ever run from.
Let us hope that your
loudly ghetto neighbors do not follow
Fear not! I will be waiting with
the clorox wipes and ear plugs.

Alas, I shall miss you my first
apartment. I have the fondest memories
of wearing coats in you during the wintertimes
whilst taking cold showers to cool off in yon summer
days. I will miss thee.

For, you were my first,
Made fun of, but never Forgotten.

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