Sunday, July 11, 2010

Contact Issues

So, since October 19th, 2009, I have been unable to wear contacts for some weird and unknown reason.

Allow me to expand on "unable." If I wear contacts, the following symptoms turn up: red eyes that burn/stab, migraines, and extreme light sensitivity. Even if I take out the contacts, these symptoms still take about two days to go away(except the migraines, luckily, things calm down after about 30 minutes of not wearing contacts). Also, depending on the contact brand, the symptoms show up after I put in the contacts after different times. I have been to the VW eye doctors four times. Each time they equip me with a different sample contact brand. Each time, it doesn't work. Each time they have no idea why I suddenly cannot wear contacts. Each time I focus to keep myself from exclaiming: "Didn''t you effing go to med school?! Why aren't you giving me any tests?! Why do you just keep handing me new contacts!?" And, my personal favorite, "Why do you keep asking me what I want to do!? How should I know? I'm not the doctor!!"

I have been through four different contact brands, as well as two different contact solutions. I have tried steroid eye drops (let us take a moment to laugh at the mental image that conjures up), moisturizing eyes drops, get-the-red-out eye drops, and no eye drops.

Now the doctors are recommending expensive laser eye surgery if I don't want to wear glasses. Excuse me, but isn't it a bad idea to do l-a-s-e-r surgery on eyes that randomly inflame themselves when contacts touch them? But, what do I know, I didn't go to med school.

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