Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nurse Aide Class

So I started my nurse aide I classes September 13 (Monday). The class in monday through thursday(6:00pm-10:30pm) and saturday clinicals(8am-4:30pm). So far the class is okay. But it was $500 + $50 in white scrubs, white shoes, and white underwear(to not show through my white scrub bottoms). Yikes. Plus $101 at the end of the class for the nurse aide state exam to get on the registry. There are 13 girls besides me and its crazy how few of them are going to eventually become nurses...I just never even considered that people would become a nurse aide as their full time job. Power to them, but that's just not for me. Anyway, one would think with all of the white that we would be doing clinicals at a hospital in an OR setting or something, but alas we are at an assisted living home. However, I silently cheer girls that prefer the living home to the hospital, because, let's face it, less job competition for me. Also, I think it's really admirable that some of them are willing to do what I'm not (at least in the sense of permanently).
Anyway, we just finished week 3 with two weeks to go and I'm so excited to have a job. And of course an excuse to buy scrubs.

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