Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Florida/ Kennedy Space Center/ Disney World

So, I spent around a week with my boyfriend in Florida. But not just anywhere in Florida, DISNEY WORLD!!! Can I just say I'm getting married there? Okay, thank you. I digress.

It is basically the most awesome theme park to go to if you're a fan of Disney movies. I mean, clearly there's no competition, but it just let's you be a kid again: you get to meet Disney characters, ride some fun rides, view Disney shows, see really cool architecture to replicate Disney pubs and castles, and end it all with a wonderful parade and fireworks display. I may or may not be salivating. It's just...Wonderful.
*I will add more when I get the copies of Disney pics that Nick's mom took.

Technically, Nick and I took an 8 hour car ride to Nick's Grandfather's house first. It was the most stereotypical old person home in florida Ever. It had antiques, was in a neighborhood community of old people, had a golf course, the neighborhood was full of all one story houses...it was Stepford for Grandparents. IT WAS AWESOME. Granted, my antique of choice is not clocks, but it was such a quaint little place. Also, I saw a lizard and a turtle. And Nick's Grampa was very accomodating and very pleasant. I only hope I will be invited back next summer.

After we visited with Nick's Grampa, we went to Kennedy Space Center. It was very interesting with the amount of shuttle pictures and information...but it was Very Hot. Sweltering Sahara Hot. I bout keeled over. So, for Disney I knew that I was going to have to pour water all over myself to be comfortable...which explains my horrible photos when I get them.

After we spent a day at Kennedy Space Center, but before the day at Disney, Nick's family and I went to a beach. It was a very nice beach...maybe Clearwater?? We spent about four hours there and Nick and I spent almost the whole time in the ocean. Anyone who knows me knows how much of a feat that is...but Nick is helping me et used to the ocean.

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